My Week in Savings part II 

On Wednesday, the 15th, I was watching “The Real” and on it was a couponer mom that saves thousands of dollars each year. One of her tips was to use a cash back app which gives you money back on things you already buy. I was quite intrigued! I got on my iPhone and searched “cash back app” and Ibotta was at the top of the list. They were having a promotion: Redeem your first rebate & get your $10 welcome bonus. I was dying to see if this free app would really give me $10. I had already planned on going to Sprouts later that evening for some produce. I NEEDED to get some cotton candy grapes–they DO taste like cotton candy in case you’re wondering 😉 We also needed to get one sweet potato (my baby is starting to eat real food!). I scrolled through the app and saw that bananas would give me a quarter cash back. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I wanted to see if I’d really get money back. Besides, I needed bananas for our overnight oats anyway so on the list they went. When we got home, I took a picture of the receipt and within minutes I had already earned my $10.25.
I was so excited, I referred my first friend. Once the friend makes their first redemption, you get a $5 bonus on top of the $5 for referring them in the first place!

*Check out Ibotta and use my referral code! Get $10 for signing up after you redeem your first rebate!

And yet my week of savings still wasn’t over…


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