My Week in Savings

It was 3:45PM on Sunday, the 12th, when I realized I still hadn’t ordeded my husband’s first Father’s Day present from Shutterfly. I remembered reading an email during the week that Sundayby 4PM was the last day to order with economy shipping in time for Father’s Day. In a rush, I ordered his gift through my phone and used the extra10 code for $10 off. I felt relieved that I made the deadline and quite proud that I saved some money too (It went from $50 to $40)! I then decide to check out the rest of the app on my phone. While swiping, I see another coupon code I could’ve used: Free 2-Day shipping if ordered through the mobile app! I felt like kicking myself. Yeah, I had already saved some money, but knowing I could’ve saved even more AND have the present come sooner had me feeling quite bummed. I told myself, and even my husband, that I was gonna somehow makeup for the $9.99 lost–the cost of economy shipping.

Later on that evening, I see in the Facebook mommy group I’m in that one of the moms is giving away a case of sample cans of Similac Alimentum, the expensive formula my son uses. I leave her a message and by the next night, my husband comes home with a box in hand. I had expected 6 cans, hoped for 12, but to my BIG surprise, there were 24 8oz cans in that box! The price tag on a 16 ounce can at the Walgreens on California Street here in San Francisco is $33.99 each. My son goes through a pound can in 4 days. That’s 48 days worth of formula and almost $410 (not including tax) saved –ALL FOR FREE!

I’d say that made up for the $9.99 that I lost in shipping cost for my husband’s gift, but the week was just beginning…


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