My Week in Savings part III

The morning of Friday, the 17th my husband let me know he had a bunch of discounts available on his CVS card; One 30% off healthcare, one 20% off, and a $3 off $25 worth of baby/toddler products. Here at home, we had a 25% off coupon, plus a Similac check for $5, and two $2 off coupons. (I love CVS cuz they’re able to stack discounts on top of one another). One of them was expiring that night so I told my husband he had to come home after work to pick up the coupons before heading to cvs. My husband doesn’t usually leave work until late and it takes him an hour and a half to get home. I was worried he wasn’t going to make it in time since our CVS closes at 9PM.

By late Friday I get an email from Shutterfly that the Father’s Day gift I ordered would be shipped within the next business day. Remember, I rushed to order his gift days before to make sure it would arrive in time and obviously it wasn’t going to make it. I was quite upset and emailed customer service right away.

My husband gets home and we decide it’d be faster if he went alone while I stayed here with the baby. Soon, he is on his way to our CVS. They don’t have the Ready To Feeds that our baby drinks so I tell him to go to another location. Sure enough, they have the formula. Among other things, he also buys a bag of chips and a pack of soda since Ibotta was offering cash back on that combo.

As you can see, everything came out to about $15. I don’t know about you but $15 for 3 formulas valued at almost $34 PLUS soda, chips, and candy is pretty good if you ask me. I also love how it says we saved 70%!

My week of savings is almost done, I promise…


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