My Week in Savings part IV

On Saturday morning, I awoke to a screenful of notifications from Ibotta. The “friend” I had referred made his first redemption. Not only did I get $5 for my first referral, but another $5 bonus on top. And just like that I had made $20.25! ($10.25 from Wednesday + $10 from Saturday). I was so excited I immediately transferred my earnings through Venmo.

Sometime after noon, I saw that Shutterfly’s customer service had responded to my email but it was a pretty disappointing read. All it said was to email them through another email address of mine. So, I copied, pasted and clicked send. 

The next day, I got another response from customer service. They said sorry for the inconvenience caused and said they’d refund me $9.99 for shipping cost. Definitely an inconvenience, but at least I only spent $30 instead of the original $50! 

And there you have my week in savings 😉


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