The San Mateo County Fair

I’m so behind in posting! Right now, I’m in a dark parking garage, sitting in the car, while baby sleeps and daddy is inside the mall. It’s really been awhile since I’ve had a moment to myself, and so I’ll blog…

A few weeks ago, on Saturday, June 18th, my little family of three headed to the fair. I’ve always looked forward to summer for all the fairs and festivals, good eats, and lots of things to see and buy. My husband and I have been hitting up a fair or two every year since we started dating +4 years ago. This year was our first as a family.

The entrance fee this year was $12 a pop. I, of course, never settle for paying full price. Groupon had a buy two tickets for the price of one deal so we jumped on it.

Once inside, we headed to our favorite Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ. It’s become sort of a tradition of ours. We ALWAYS get Bubba’s BBQ every trip to the fair. This year, we tried their chicken shish kabob dinner platter (+coleslaw and beans). The chicken and grilled vegetables were so good! I would definitely order it again.

After lunch, we take a walk around one of the halls. It is there that my husband spots deep fried Oreos and they must be ordered! While waiting, we check out Modern Envy Apparel right across the way. Cute booth with genuine Candlestick Park seats. She’s selling socks in cute designs in a variety of colors. At a closer look, I see some of them are reminiscent of some of our beloved Bay Area sports teams. Well, I just had to buy them! Fortunately, I had the excuse of it being Father’s Day the next day. There was the usual sale of saving money if buying multiples. And, luckily for us, she was even having an added Father’s Day special. So, not only were we enjoying the fair, but saving money and being productive as well! (We no longer had to go shopping after the fair for cards/gifts for the Dads in our lives).

❤ Niners, Warriors, and Giants ❤

Our deep fried Oreos were seriously delicious. (I had them add chocolate syrup). No regrets there! 

We then visited the San Mateo County Libraries booth where my favorite library assistant was working. They were giving away free Scholastic books, hosting a raffle, manning the book mobile, and there was even a play area for the kiddies. It was a really great booth.

Afterwards, we walk around the fair some more and soon call it a day. (The weather was really hot). ‘Til next year, SMCF!


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