A Nice Surprise

Came home to find this lovely package. Two one-pound cans of Alimentum. A value of over $70 absolutely free! AND more coupons.

I LOVE our growing stockpile of baby formula. It makes me giddy.

These days, the baby goes through a pound can in 4 days. Every bit of savings really help.

It makes me laugh to think back to the San Francisco Birth & Baby Fair where we got the discount for the Alimentum. My husband and I wanted Similac coupons but didn’t want to talk to the guy manning the booth. He didn’t seem very welcoming or friendly AND he didn’t have samples to give away. After circling the fair for the umpteenth time, I notice no one is at the Similac booth. I tell my husband to go and grab the giveaway bag of coupons while no one is there. As we’re walking towards the booth, I see the man coming back so I keep walking and leave my husband to fend for himself. I remember giggling because it was inevitable that the two would talk. It’s good they did because when my husband told him we use Alimentum he gave him a coupon not included in the giveaway bag. I guess he was hiding/saving the good stuff.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the fair. I justified the ten dollar parking with getting to see some friends and hang out with some family members. Being able to save that much on formula has definitely made the trip to the fair worth it.


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