The Brisbane City Wide Yard Sale

Like most of my posts, this one is overdue. How the heck do bloggers keep up!? Fortunately, my mom is out in the living room watching the baby while I get to sit in bed and write. Before I went to my room, I told my 8 month old I’d write one blog post then feed him dinner. Of course he didn’t care. Anyway…

On Saturday, July 16th, my little family of three headed to Brisbane for their City Wide Yard Sale. We had hoped to make it to the park by 11am for Brisbane Library’s story time in the park but that didn’t happen. It took awhile to find parking and of course while walking to the park, I kept wanting to stop at every house and business to look at their items out for sale. Once we got there, I asked my favorite librarian assistant, Nicole, if we had missed it. Fortunately for us, we had not! Apparently no one showed up. The above picture is of their cute little booth. I should’ve taken a better picture to include their cute little craft and story time area.

Here are just a fraction of the books that were for sale. Such a steal for only a quarter each! I ended up getting 4 books plus another for free when I signed up for San Mateo County’s Summer Learning Challenge.

Anyway, a mom with a handful of kids showed up and asked about story time so I got to see Nicole in action. It was so cool seeing my husband and our baby sitting on a blanket with other kids listening to story time. It was even cooler when I looked up and realized my sister in law, nephew, and niece had joined in too. I wanted to post a picture of the cuteness but I would’ve blocked everyone’s faces out so there’s really no point. 

We ate and hung out a little bit, but soon had to go. I was really glad we made it out even just for a little bit. We checked out the people selling in the park and eventually headed for the car. I would’ve taken pictures of the sellers and their wares but I didn’t want to be weird especially if I wasn’t going to buy anything.

We came across this cute little girl and many others while walking through Brisbane. I’m already looking forward to another beautiful day in the park!


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