40 Packs for Baby

Quick post before I go to bed…Earlier today, while my nine month old napped, I peddled my little legs off on the old stationary bike in the garage while watching an episode of Extreme Couponing All-Stars. I’m very tired.

6 weeks ago, Target was having a Gerber 1st Foods Promotion: Buy 20 get a $5 gift card. Now at that point in time I wanted my baby to only eat foods that I “made” myself–you know, fruits and vegetables that I’ve peeled, cut, steamed, puréed, and put into baggies. Thing is, I knew I had coupons so I just couldn’t pass on this promotion! 

When at Target, I was surprised there wasn’t that wide of a selection of 1st foods so we ended up getting many of each flavor. Picked 20 bundles, earned the $5 gift card, used 4 coupons which brought our total down to $15 making our OOP (out of pocket) only $10. $10 for 40 packs of food. 1 pack can feed my baby many a meal! Definitely a good buy.

To justify my buying pre made food, I told myself that they’d especially be good to have when traveling or when we don’t have fresh fruit or vegetables readily available at home. These food packs have really made my life easier. Oh, and I read the ingredients: Only that particular fruit/vegetable and water. That’s it! Nothing added. It’s practically like I made it myself 😉.


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